Meet My Pups (2 of 3)

Say hi to Lilah! She is a rescue Great Dane that my husband and I saved about two years ago now. She came from a bad environment- lived in a junk yard with no food or water. (Keep in mind it gets up to 120 degrees here in the Arizona heat!) and she was tick […]

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Meet My Pups! (1 of 3)

Say hello to Lil’ Bit! She got her name because when I first got her she only weighed 1 lb 4 oz!! She is currently four years old and weight around 7lbs! Some of her favorite things involve: Sleeping Sleeping Sleeping Sleeping & Bacon! She is super content and loves her mommy, she follows me […]

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Welcome To Our Home!

The suspense of buying our own house was exciting a nerve wracking all at the same time! Being only 22, recently married and the responsibility of a mortgage seemed unrealistic. However we both worked very hard and it all came together! The day was near but seemed so far away! Signing day! I signed my […]

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A Little About Me!

My maiden name is Jennifer Anne Dewyer (Dew•Y•er , It’s okay nobody knows how to say it the first time they meet me!) I recently got married to the love of my life on June 2, 2018 and still in the process of legally changing my last name to Murphy! I am 22 years old […]

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